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Carpet cleaning Delaware looks at rugs as the kids best friends. They protect young knees crawling on floors, toddlers taking missteps or breakables when they slip out of young hands. However, they can be worst enemies when it comes to cleaning up a baby's drool, spit up or spilled milk, dropped crumbs, chewing gum or crayons that are inevitably stepped on. You don't have to keep the kiddies off the carpets, or put the number of a home clean-up service on speed dial.

Just follow these tips from Carpet Cleaning Delaware and keep our phone number handy. We provide a wide variety of residential services including steam cleaning, furniture, upholstery cleaning and much more.

Stain Removal

Next is stain removal. Take care of stains and spills as soon as they happen. Pick up and remove any solid matter; blot spills gently. Do not rub - this will push the offending matter down into the rug. Delaware Carpet Cleaning recommends you to use a homemade paste of baking powder and water or some clothes washing detergent for deodorizing and stain removal.

Last, but not least, be sure to have your carpets professionally cleaned every eighteen months (when your kids get bigger you can wait longer). Be sure to use a professional organization such as Carpet Cleaning Delaware. Our vast experience in carpet steam cleaning translates to the most effective, Eco-friendly cleaning and carpet stain removal available.

Call Carpet Cleaning Columbus at 614-453-5651 today for a free estimate.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Here are some Carpet cleaning tips for you. First and foremost, vacuum your carpets regularly - at least once a week. This will take care of surface debris. If you don't vacuum it up it will eventually make its way to the base of your carpet where it will be much harder to remove. All the matter that makes its way down to the base of your carpet will eventually have unpleasant consequences, and may damage it. Vacuuming is relatively easy, so when the kids are old enough, you can even enlist their help. Just make sure you instruct them to be methodical in their vacuuming - going over every square inch of your carpet, rug or floor at least twice. To make it more fun, Carpet cleaning Delaware suggests that they turn on the stereo or listen to their MP3 player while they work.

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