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Carpet Cleaning Dublin Ohio, the best household and cleaning service in Dublin, OH, would like to offer you the following handy tips for dealing with common carpet problems.

Cleaning Products

Never use any cleaning products on your homemade or store-bought carpet, without first conducting a spot test. Choose a hidden, or inconspicuous, part of the carpet and apply the product as recommended. Wait at least twenty four hours to check for unwanted reactions such as loss of color or even holes in the carpet.

Stain Removal

Avoid permanent stains by treating spills as soon as possible. First, blot up as much excessive moisture as possible. Then, use a commercial or home-made solution to deal with the visible signs of the spill. In most cases, correct application of the cleaning solution involves introducing a modest amount directly on offending liquid. Carpet Cleaning Dublin suggests not exacerbating the problem by introducing excessive moisture. Below, commonly spilled liquids are paired with the recommended cleaning solution.

If you've spilled this... use this... Instructions
Red wine White wine
Baking soda and vinegar paste
Apply and blot dry
Apply, air dry, vacuum away
Apply, air dry, vacuum
Blood Cold water
Dishwashing liquid diluted in water
Apply and blot dry
Grease Dishwashing liquid diluted in water Apply and blot dry
Coffee Vinegar diluted in hot water Apply and blot dry
Ink Isopropyl alcohol diluted in water Apply sparingly using a cloth dampened in the mixture.

Steam Cleaning

When dealing with food, feces or other matter, remove as much solid matter as possible, taking care not to rub it into your carpet's fibers. If the offending matter is very sticky or gummy, you may have no alternative other than to risk staining and wait for it to dry before removing it. Once the hard matter has been done away with, use clean white towels to blot the area dry. This will allow you to clearly assess the problem.

The tried and true carpet steam cleaning techniques used by Carpet Cleaning Dublin technicians work wonders in renewing your interiors. You can trust them to get the job done, whether it's carpet stain removal,pet odor removal, upholstery cleaning or something else.

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