Grove City Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is what we do best at Grove City. Our coverage in Grove City OH allows us to reach every resident, and with affordable and professional services. We specialize in treating all types of carpets and offer some carpet cleaning repair services. In addition to cleaning upholstery, rugs and furniture, we have a great water damage restoration department, ready to help you with any flood damage or water damage problem during a storm or flood.

We believe that our service transcends the boundaries of regular house cleaning service. Our health conscious and green carpet cleaners are always aware of how they can improve your home's Eco-friendly order. By using only safe environment friendly cleaning products or by exercising natural cleaning methods such as steam cleaning to remove any dirt or grind, we ensure your health and safety every step of the way.

Odor Removal

We offer odor removal and pet stains service for dog and cat owners. We all know how hard it is to maintain a clean carpet when pets are present. After long walks, especially on rainy days, mud stains seem to appear miraculously on their own at the least expected places. Believe us, no stain or pet odor is too big or too smelly for us, we've seen it all before.

Water Damage Restoration

We offer water damage restoration service, so don't get frustrated with burst water pipe or the sewage spilling over. Our technicians are equipped with the latest water extraction machines on the market and can remove any excess water from basements, roof tops or any other area in your house.

This water damage restoration service is only part of our house cleaning services, be sure to check out all of our carpet cleaning services, here's a partial list:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Flood Cleaning
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Wood Floor Refinishing
  • Rug Cleaning
  • upholstery cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning

Here's a healthy carpet cleaning tip for you: vacuuming your carpet at least twice a week reduces dramatically the risk of allergies and asthma outbreaks.

For Additional tips, services and coverage see Columbus Carpet Cleaning. Be sure to check out and ask about our carpet cleaning coupons for exceptional money saving deals.

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