Reynoldsburg Carpet Cleaning

Reynoldsburg Carpet Cleaning holds an approach that thorough and professional cleaning services for rugs, furniture and upholstery should include four principals:

  • professional and experienced carpet cleaners who can remove all types of stains and familiar with cleaning detergents and fabric's treatment
  • Devoted and satisfied customers - watching the satisfied look of our costumers after we cleaned their carpet is something that we think worth every penny.
  • Proficiency and involvement with everything that matters to technology and cleaning equipment. We make everything we can in order to provide our customers the best cleaning possible. In order to that we use the latest in cleaning machines and products. Using these machines are not enough we also make sure that our technicians are knowledgeable and proficient in every aspect of cleaning.
  • Reasonable prices for all of our cleaning services - rug cleaning, water damage restoration, wood floor cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, etc. We believe that carpet and upholstery cleaning should be available to every person.

Reynoldsburg Carpet Cleaning works together with Columbus Carpet Cleaning in all that matters to resources, cleaning machines and equipment. Our mutual carpet cleaners serve both areas of Columbus and Reynoldsburg with 100% success of reaching all our clients in those areas 24 hour a day.

Professional Cleaning Services

  • Rug Cleaning - We clean and repair all rugs, using special cleaning detergents and shampoos that leave the carpet in a very good condition for many years. We not only clean the carpet but also remove all dust and dirt and in this way assist our allergic clients.
  • Steam Cleaning - If you wish to avoid carpet and upholstery cleaning with chemicals you should use steam cleaning which is also very helpful against dust mite.
  • Upholstery cleaning - We are experts in sofas cleaning and all fabrics cleaning. We use special cleaning machines in order to make your upholstery looks good and in order to remove all stains and hair. Many of our clients apply to us with oil stains, torn and scraped upholstery and stains maid by their pets or by their children. Our motto is stop worry, let us do our job.
  • Fire damage restoration - In extreme situations of fire, when you need an immediate cleaning service to help you with carpets and furniture repair, our carpet cleaners have the experience and the knowledge to assist you in those critical hours.

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