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Carpet Cleaning Columbus is Columbus's number one in rug cleaning and business and residential cleaning service. We specialize in whipping your interiors into shape, using state of the art equipment and tried and true methods. Even better, the services we provide - such as carpet steam cleaning, area rug cleaning, Oriental rug cleaning and more - are eco-friendly, keeping toxic chemicals and harsh detergents out of your indoor environment.

Though the terms carpet and rug are often used interchangeably, the simple fact is that they are not the same.

Carpet Vs. Rug Cleaning

Any size
40 square feet or less
- Nailed/tacked to floor
- Carpet pad for added padding
- No nails or tacks
- Carpet pad prevents slipping
- Adds color
- Adds warmth
- Buffers sound
- Protects floor surface
- Protects floor
- Protects carpet
- Decoration
- Weekly vacuuming
- Professional cleaning every eighteen to twenty four months
- Weekly vacuuming
- Yearly deep cleaning (or more)
- Machine wash, dry clean, or steam clean

While carpets and rugs share many features, it is their differences that lead to cleaning concerns. Carpet Cleaning Columbus unequivocally recommends carpet steam cleaning as the best way to clean, disinfect and renew carpets, but with rugs you have to make sure that you choose the appropriate cleaning method for it.

Methods for Cleaning Rugs

  • Dry cleaning is only used on rugs that require dry cleaning. Check the care label on your rug.
  • If you are unsure of how to clean your rug, professional steam cleaning is the safest bet. This is the method used successfully on most carpet and rug fabrics and fibers.

Machine washing. Some rugs are constructed of machine washable fabric or fibers. Before throwing them into your home washer, make sure that they are also sized for a consumer machine. In addition, it is important that you remove surface dirt and dust before you attempt machine washing at home. Skipping this step may introduce drain clogging matter that your plumbing will find hard to handle. You may find that in trying to save a few dollars by washing them yourself, you will have to spend dealing with the consequences of an overloaded machine.

A good alternative would be to call 614-453-5651 ask about the free pick up and deliver service offered by Carpet Cleaning Columbus. We will whisk away all of your rugs and bring them all back clean and fresh in no time.

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