Westerville Carpet Cleaning

At Westerville Carpet Cleaning, we take pride in being your choice for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and a variety of other cleaning service. With unparalleled service we are the number one place to call. We offer carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning. For an immaculate healthy and clean home call Carpet Cleaning Westerville at 614-453-5651 today.

Westerville Carpet Cleaning is not just about cleaning your carpets and rugs. Through the years we've grown to acknowledge that when it comes to cleaning, Westerville residents demand much more. These demands include a variety of house cleaning services as well. So we offer home cleaning now as well.

Westerville Carpet Cleaning Services:

  • Carpet cleaning - wall-to-wall carpets and wet carpets using dry cleaning methods.
  • Upholstery cleaning - We clean upholstered furniture, leather, vinyl and all fabrics.
  • Rug cleaning - All oriental, Persian and area rugs are cleaned
  • Carpet repair
  • Steam cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning - Sofas, beds and upholstered furniture cleaning
  • House Cleaning of floors - Wood floor refinishing (Wax & Polish).
  • water damage restoration - Any water damage restoration required after floods and storms we can handle.
  • Fire damage restoration - Removal of smoke stains and bad odors, suit and debris.
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Pet odor removal

Learning from the past, we've improved our Cleaning supplies and equipment. Today we hold the latest cleaning machines such as the latest truck mounts cleaning machine and carpet steam cleaners on the market. We work constantly to improve our stocks and give you the best service based on the latest technologies and professional training thanks to our professional cleaning team.

Healthy Carpet Cleaning

We care about your health! Therefore we advocate our Green Cleaning policy. We use only natural cleaning products which carry the same punch as harsh chemicals only without the side effects. In this way we clean dust and dust mites, reduce the risks of allergies and asthma and improve our ecological Green living environment.

Call Westerville Carpet Cleaning at 614-453-5651 for professional service now.

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