Tips For Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Columbus Carpet Cleaning is well respected and famous among the enthusiastic cleaning community. With an experience of over twenty years in the cleaning industry we acquired a lot of knowledge and tips concerning carpet and upholstery cleaning, stains removal, cleaning equipment, and carpet maintenance. We would like to share some cleaning tips with you, in order to help you preserve your carpet and upholstery the best way you can.

Carpet Maintenance Tips

How to maintain your carpet and upholstery is a serious question. Not only does this question have to deal with stains removal but also with many behavioral issues. We at Columbus Carpet Cleaning encounter such questions every day, for example - the frequency you clean your carpet, the percentage of chemicals in cleaning detergents you use etc. We gets a lot of applications asking us to handle carpet cleaning and carpet repair issues.Here are some carpet and upholstery cleaning tips that will help your carpet stay in good condition for many years:

  • Regular vacuuming - We noticed that 80% of stains in our home are dry stains which are easier to remove than oily or liquid stains. In this case permanent vacuuming can be a satisfactory solution to most stains and dirt and better for carpet maintenance instead of detergent usage.
  • Stains removal - the moment you spill something on your sofa or your rug don't wait, wipe it clean the moment it spills.
  • In case of a flood or leak from the ceiling or a pipe don't wait call a professional that offer an emergency Water Damage Restoration service, water damage can cause any kind of mold problems.
  • Use measured amounts of chemicals in your cleaning detergent. Too much ammonia or economic detergents may ruin the fabric and make it shrink.
  • Prefer vacuum cleaners with bags that fill from the top instead of those that fill from the bottom.
  • When it comes to wood floor maintenance you should wipe it easily and don't spill water on the floor. Using a lot of water on wooden floors while cleaning may ruin the floor. We noticed that when it comes to wood cleaning, vacuuming and swiping can be a great cleaning solution along with regular cleaning twice a month.
  • Tile and grout cleaning can be messy. Be sure to wear special globes, working clothes and even eye protection if you have sensitive eyes. You shouldn't clean your tiles with soap, as is it will only cause more stains. Try to clean them with Eco-friendly ingredients such as vinegar and baking soda. Most of the time vacuuming and scrubbing won't get the perfect result you were hoping for. For long lasting results, we recommend a professional sealing of your tile and grout.
  • Air duct cleaning is not necessarily needed. Even though dust and derbies accumulate inside your air duct, they don't usually enter your living space. However, in time they might grow outside and into your inside house. Moreover, rodents or insects can also reach your air ducts and then into your house. It is important to keep awareness and consider cleaning your air ducts every once in a while.

Remember! - buying a new carpet is does not come with a maintenance free guarantee. Columbus Carpet Cleaning offers you professional cleaning services with a commitment to the highest level of cleaning services and equipment.
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Nancy Ruhl
Greg worked hard to get our carpet clean. Very friendly and personable. Will use your service again.
Scott Houser
My handmade rugs were very delicately handled by the technicians I hired. They brought good quality equipment and created no mess. I am surely going to use their services in the future as well. A big thank you to this great rug cleaning company.
Nathen Denesik
My home office carpet was really dirty, so I hired UCM Services Columbus. The technician was amazing and very professional. He did the entire cleaning process quickly and thanks to him, my carpets are now shining.
John Byrne
I spilled some juice on my carpet and it had a huge stain right in the middle. That is when my sister suggested me this carpet cleaning company. Their workers came to my help and removed the stain. They were kind and didn't cause any problem for me.
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